Transform your bathroom from drab to desirable with our Bristol based bathroom design service. As one of the most significant rooms in a house, PJ Bryer bathroom design services believe that a bathroom should effortlessly combine style and comfort. Whether you prefer a contemporary, classic or traditional look, our team can create a bathroom that reflects your personality, whilst complementing your home and lifestyle. From wet rooms and family bathrooms, to compact cloakrooms, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning bathroom designs on-time and within budget.

Our Bristol bathroom design team can work with your ideas and create the perfect bathroom for your space. Regardless of the size of your bathroom or your budget, we will create the bathroom of your dreams. We help tailor your bathroom design so that you’re getting the best bathroom for your home. We’ve designed and built hundreds of bathrooms Bristol.

We use the latest bathroom design software to ensure we utilise every inch of available space. This bathroom design tool is especially brilliant at creating bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

We are specialist in:

  • Bathrooms Bristol
  • Bathroom Designs
  • Wet room designs
  • Small bathroom designs
  • Ensuite designs
  • Modern bathroom designs
  • Traditional bathroom designs
  • Designer bathroom designs

We have many years of experience in designing bathrooms for all size of houses in Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare. We have been providing bathrooms in Bristol for over 40 years!

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Considerations into the design for your bathroom should begin with the elements that you find appealing. If there is a brand new bathtub or shower that you think that will fit in with the styling of your house then you need to try and base the rest of the bathroom on that. This process of designing your bathrooms can be aided by our very own bathroom designers simply because they have an eager eye to convert a good idea into a reality when it comes to bathroom design and style. It’s the designer’s position to develop a floor plan that the installers can work from when renovating/ the installation of your bathrooms so it helps make the installation process a lot smoother whenever you do get around to upgrading your bathrooms Bristol. When they’re given the space requirements of the kitchen then they are able to customise a bespoke design and style to your space or room as opposed to something like a pre-designed bathroom could have difficulties fitting into an individual space. This tailoring can give your bathroom the best fitting as they possibly can design and style certain components to accommodate for certain characteristics that the bathroom could have. Things such as piping lines that the everyday man or woman would possibly not contemplate will get picked up on by the designer so they’re able to configure the different factors of the bathroom along with ensuring each characteristic works as they are made to do. If you are looking for quality bathrooms Bristol then PJ Bryer is the provider for you!