What Impact Has 2020 Had On The Central Heating Industry?

2020 has had a significant impact on all businesses. For a large timescale of this year, it was impossible for certain businesses to operate their services or open their stores as they were forced to close. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a devastating impact on the entire world. Not only has the pandemic cost the lives of many around the globe, but has had a major impact on many economies including the UK, which is now back in a recession. For many, 2020 has been an increasingly difficult year and their lives have been dramatically changed for various different reasons.

Now in August, the world is beginning to look a lot more like what it did before the pandemic began. This is as many businesses across the UK have now opened and we are able to leave our homes as much as possible. Despite this, many people across the globe are still wary and fearful of the pandemic, therefore, are still cautious about spending much time in public or in crowded places. Many are also fearful about people entering their homes, no matter the reasoning for entering their homes. This has had a serious impact on many industries, including the heating industry as heating services require workers to enter your home. In this blog, we explore in-depth how 2020 has affected the heating industry for both heating companies and homeowners across the UK. 

Money Loss

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the advice for employees of businesses is to work from home if possible, and at the beginning of the pandemic, the advice for workers was to not work at all. If it was not possible, workers were either placed on furlough if they were eligible, or alternatively, lost their job if they were not eligible. Being placed on furlough meant that employees would be paid 80% of their full wage instead of their regular wage. For many, this was considered a major loss and even more of a loss for those who lost their jobs altogether. With many businesses closed, it also meant that it was even harder for the unemployed to find jobs.

Central heating systems and boilers can, unfortunately, become faulty or fail at any time. Living in a home with faulty central heating or failed central heating can be extremely problematic and potentially dangerous, especially during colder weather. As people were earning less money, many were ignoring central heating problems as their earnings were a concern. This caused the central heating industry to be at a loss too as people were not calling for services to take place.

Fearful of The Virus

Understandably, people will be fearful of the virus, especially those who are vulnerable. Many people have been informed to shield at home and avoid all contact if they are believed to be vulnerable. These people will understandably be much more fearful of the virus and they are vulnerable. Even if people are not deemed as vulnerable, it is completely understandable if they are fearful of the virus. When the UK was originally placed on lockdown, it was prohibited for others to enter other peoples households, however, as central heating services could easily be seen as essential, it was possible for them to take place.

As previously mentioned, having a faulty or failed central heating system can be extremely problematic and can even have the potential to make your home an unsafe environment. Even those who were considered vulnerable would be at a huge risk with a faulty central heating system. Even if homeowners with faulty systems are aware of this, they may have still shied away from having repair work or a replacement due to being fearful of the virus. This would have been potentially highly dangerous for homeowners. If it is of high importance that a boiler or central heating system would need replacement or repair, then there are steps that heating engineers can take to protect the vulnerable.

What Can Heating Engineers Do?

There are many things that heating engineers can do to prevent the spread of the virus and make customers feel safer whilst they are having services take place in their property. One of the most obvious precautions is to ensure that heating engineers wear facemasks when inside another property, and the next being to ensure social distancing takes place at all times. These are procedures that have been advised to take place at most indoor properties. To make your customers feel even safer and be safer, gloves and body coverings can also be worn to reduce all contact. Before any heating service, it is important to consult the customer and find out what they feel comfortable with inside their home. This can allow the process to run smoothly with the customer feeling safe. 

Heating Engineer Bristol

It’s likely that if you have spotted faults in your home with your central heating, it probably is not actually the entire system. It’s highly likely that is could just be minor faults with your boiler, radiators, or other individual components. If this is the case, then the issue can be resolved much faster and at a lower cost, also with strict safety measures put in place. Even if it is just a minor component, the issue still would require to be resolved immediately as can quickly lead to a more prominent issue. 

If you are experiencing issues with your boiler or central heating, then it is best practice get in touch with heating specialist PJ Bryer for a heating engineer in Bristol. PJ Bryer are highly reputable in Bristol and the South West for their expert plumbing and heating services, additionally to other services such as bathroom installation.

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