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Most, if not all homes you find in the Bristol area are going to have a bathroom in them since it is a convenience the majority of us have been brought up with. Domestic toilets are a contemporary feature that is a welcome addition to the home since bedpans and outhouses are a thing of the past. Like the rest of the rooms in your home, your bathroom is subject to interior design since there are many aspects that can be altered to convey a different aesthetic that is more suitable for the styling of home as well as the people living in the home. Renovating your bathroom may seem strange but the majority of homeowners consider it since there are new and contemporary bathroom designs that are much more appealing than what you are used to seeing. You are probably using the bathroom five to six times a day on average so why not convert it into a room that you enjoy being in?

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Considerations into the design of your bathroom should start with the elements that you find appealing. If there is a new bathtub or shower that you think that will fit in with the styling of your home then you should aim to base the rest of the bathroom on that. This process of designing a bathroom can be aided by one of our own bathroom designers since they have the keen eye to converting an idea into a reality when it comes to bathroom design. It’s the designer’s job to create a floor plan that the installers can work from when renovating/installing your bathroom so it makes the installation process much smoother when you do get around to renovating your bathroom. When they are given the space requirements of your kitchen then they are able to tailor a bespoke design to your space whereas something like a pre-designed bathroom would have difficulty fitting into an individual space. This tailoring can give your bathroom the best fitment as they can design certain elements to accommodate for certain features that your bathroom may have. Things like plumbing lines that the everyday person may not think about will get picked up on by the designer so they are able to configure the different elements of the bathroom as well as making sure that each feature works as they are designed to do.

Below are a few ideas that you may want to take as starting points when designing your bathroom.


A minimalistic design is going to be more appropriate for a home with a smaller bathroom since you are able to take out unnecessary features that clutter the visual space. If you are living in a studio apartment with a tiny en-suite then a bidet may not be the best choice, which is elements that can be deleted when you opt for a minimalistic design. The most important aspects you should consider with a simplistic design should be the flooring, colouring and lighting of the bathroom since these are the main visual features you will be observing in the bathroom. You may want to opt for a warmer or cooler colour depending on the style you are trying to connote in your bathroom design.


A contemporary design is best suited for homes that are going for a more modern styling since these two styles are very comfortable together and go well as an aesthetic pairing. Contemporary features are going to accent the aesthetic style so expect to see a lot of glossy materials, as well as glass since these are common visual aspects with a contemporary design. The furnishing is one of the most important aspects when considering a contemporary design since the styling is based so heavily on the foundation of furnishings. Accent lighting may be used to create desired visual effects when it comes to designing your bathroom, as you may want to put more focus and emphasis on certain visual aspects of the bathroom.

Regardless of what style you go for, you want to make sure that you and/or the people you are living with are going to live regret free when the toilet is installed and finished since a bathroom renovation can be a worthy but costly investment. The return, however, is incredibly rewarding as you are given a stylised room in your home that you can call your own. Something to ponder is the combination of both functionality and design as much as possible.

If you are looking for a bathroom design service in the Bristol area then PJ Bryer is the best option for you. Visit our page on Bathroom Designers In Bristol or call us on: 01454 314980 for more information today!

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