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Turning off your boiler periodically in the summer can be extremely beneficial in terms of saving energy. But what are the specific benefits of potentially turning your boiler off this Summer? With the hot summer days fast approaching, is it possible to turn off your heating system and is it possible to save money by carrying out these thoughtful measures?

If you want to save money on your heating ensure you have a modern, energy efficient, heating system such as a combi boiler. For advice and more information please contact PJ Bryer on Bristol 01454 314980

Save Money on Utility Bills

Everybody wants to save money on utility bills, whether it be sitting in multiple layers of clothing in winter to not using the heating or taking cold showers in summer to cool off and also to save on heating bills. Utility bills are not cheap in any way shape or form so it is extremely wise to look out for potential opportunities where you don’t have to use these expensive services. In the winter heating scenario, central heating in a house makes things comfortable but it is not strictly essential for many house-owners (only elderly or young people could potentially be at risk from having the central heating off in Winter.) Many people decide to live with the cost of heating in order to stay warm whereas others who do not mind so much and sacrifice this comfort to save money. In the summer there are similar situations in which you definitely do not require hot water therefore is it possible to save money this summer by reducing energy use? Or is it too impractical and potentially risky for your boiler system?

central heating advice bristolIf you have an older boiler it is possible to turn it off for a period of time especially if it has a continuously burning pilot light. In terms of more modern boilers, you can potentially turn it off if its water cistern is not coated with polystyrene. Older boilers suffer less from activation and re-activation however you may wish to be cautious when turning off your modern boiler. If you are unsure about turning your boiler off or do not wish to turn it off then do not worry! There are also alternatives that you can also use to reduce heating bills in the summer. If you have an electric shower and don’t take baths during the summer season, you only need to heat the water in the kitchen sink and in the bathroom hand-basin. Most, if not all modern dishwashers are also connected to the kitchen sink, and heat water from a cold water supply, so you do not need to have your boiler on to use your dishwasher. Older washing machines and dishwashers with hot fill features can also be used to heat up water for internal uses, modern dishwashers which are cold fill only do not require any external hot water whatsoever. It is important to remember during the summer months to turn your boiler on at least once a month to allow it to run and clear grime and debris. If grime or debris builds up inside of the boiler and it is not turned on then this can cause major problems for the boiler when it is started up again in the autumn.

Although it is possible to turn your boiler off for a long amount of time, it is very much recommended to run your central heating and hot water occasionally during the summer season. If you turn the boiler off for an excessively extended period of time, the pump and divider valve that circulates radiator fluid will most likely seize up. Similarly the hot water cistern may also follow suit, causing vast disruption and damage to your hot water systems when you very much require it again next Winter. It is quite wary and time consuming to think about energy usage in the home, but it is extremely important both environmentally and in terms of personal costs. Although it may seem difficult and time consuming at first, being conscious and intelligent about your energy usage will ultimately save you money.

If you are unsure about personally taking action in terms of energy reduction techniques, we would not recommend you to try any of these methods but we would recommend you to contact us at PJ Bryer Bristol to discuss energy saving techniques. We would be glad to not only suggest ways to save energy usage in winter but also to discuss the potential energy saving that upgrading boilers and carrying out boiler diagnostics has to offer. If you are interested in finding out more about the amount that you can save from being smart with your heating this winter or if you are interested in finding out about the potential benefits that boiler upgrades to boilers such as combi boilers and Vaillant boilers can save you in terms of heating bills in the near future, do not hesitate to contact us now at PJ Bryer Bristol on Bristol 01454 314980.

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