Are you in need of boiler repairs? Is your electric boiler not performing as it should? At PJ Bryer we perform fast call outs for all boiler repairs. We can very quickly diagnose the boiler issue and replace the affected systems and parts all in one affordable boiler service cost. As hot water boilers have very few parts to it, the fix is often straight forward for our expert plumbers. So, if you’re in need of fast, reliable boiler repair in Bristol, call our dedicated plumber experts on 01454 314 980.


However simple the fix may seem, unless you are aware of the hazards presented by a faulty boiler and have experience dealing with these issues, it is essential that you do not tinker with the boiler. This is for your own safety and liability further down the line – especially if you live in a rented property. Central heating boilers and condensing boilers have fewer mechanical parts and perform reliably for years at a time. However, repairs are most commonly required on the expansion tank or circulator as opposed to the boiler itself. You may notice problems with your boiler when your central heating boilers produce little to no heat and only heat one or none of your radiators.

Boiler servicing

Initial tricks and tips that can help you narrow down your boiler repair problem are by checking all of fuses and circuit breakers connect to the boiler, and make sure it is generating enough water. Some of our boiler repairs in the past have been simple electrical issues not relating to the boiler directly, which will save you on your boiler service cost. If you need your boiler 24/7 and rely on it every day, consider our service contracts that come with emergency cover – so you’ll be covered for emergency call outs 24/7. At PJ Bryer Heating & Plumbing Services, we’re proud to already be serving over 3000 service contracts that cover boiler repairs and boiler servicing. Whilst all our initial boiler servicing contracts are subject to survey, we stock over £12,000 worth of spare parts – so we’ll be able to provide boiler cover.

It’s important that a last-minute boiler breakdown doesn’t leave you having to rush for a cold shower before work, or having to come home to a freezing cold house. Your boiler is what makes your house a home – and is something we all take for granted from time to time. With the amount of work the average boiler gets through daily, there is often a chance that it will develop a small fault. If ignored, these small faults could result in your need a new boiler. Having your boiler annually serviced will prevent you from paying out huge boiler service costs, and you should look to get your boiler on an annual service plan as soon as possible.

A reliable boiler company you can trust

If you are like most homes and only use your boiler for the colder months of the year, it can often present with common ‘boom and bust’ symptoms. This is where your central heating system has been dormant for prolonged periods and is suddenly being used all day every day. This is where our low boiler service cost plan can spot any potential issues before they end up breaking your boiler. Contact our dedicated boiler team today on 01454649484for advice on your boiler and what servicing options are available to you.

At PJ Bryer Plumbing & Heating Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to carry out all boiler repairs we come across. Our team of expert engineers are fully credited to carry out LPG, Oil-fired, and gas boiler servicing. This way you’re guaranteed to be covered for all boiler repairs and central heating repairs when you need them. Our team has years of experience carrying out boiler repairs on all types of central heating including Valiant, Basic, Megaflowcentral, and Glow-worm central heating. So, if you’re looking for a reliable boiler repair company in Bristol, call us today on 01454 314 980  to discuss our servicing plans and how to best ensure you are covered for any boiler repairs.

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