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A Guide To Basement and Attic Lighting

Basement Lights: A Guide Walking into a poorly lit basement or attic isn’t always the most pleasant, uplifting experience, even if you’ve recently invested in a renovation project. No matter the design of your basement or attic, poor lightening can make your additional space at home appear as it’s from a horror flick. Good lighting solutions, on the other hand,…
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What Causes Electrical Fires?

Electricity is a major cause of accidental fires in UK homes, the exact figure is 20,000 each year. Understanding the risks and causes of electrical fires is the best way to protect your family. 9/10 (89%) electrical fires are caused by electric products. To prevent this from happening in your home we have listed some of the most common ways…
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Pranks Pulled On Apprentice Electricians!

Pranks Bristol Electricians Have Pulled on their Apprentices Since the first time that Einstein shouted “Eureka”, electricians and tradesmen have been pulling pranks on their apprentices. However creative or cruel they are a right of passage and no apprentice is one of the gang until they have fallen for one and ended up with a nickname that will stick for…
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Will Gas Boilers Ever Be Phased Out?

Will Gas Boilers Be Phased Out? In this day and age, how we treat the environment is of vital importance and it is something we should always consider during our day to day lives. As the human population has grown, our habits have taken their toll on the environment and scientific research has proven that if some of our habits…
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2020’s Impact On The Central Heating Industry

What Impact Has 2020 Had On The Central Heating Industry? 2020 has had a significant impact on all businesses. For a large timescale of this year, it was impossible for certain businesses to operate their services or open their stores as they were forced to close. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a devastating impact…
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Is Central Heating Needed During The Summer?

Do We Still Need Central Heating During The Summer? Summer is finally here! The time of year preferred by many across the country, and definitely across the globe. Summer is the time to get out more to experience hotter weather, travel domestically or to other countries, attend festivals, events, visit new cities, go to beaches, have picnics, and much more!…
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COVID-19 Statement – PJ Bryer

We would like to inform you that as of November the 5th 2020, we are operating our full services as usual and our offices are open between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. With our services continuing, health and safety of our staff and the general public is of paramount importance. Due to this, we are taking the…
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PJ Bryer COVID-19 Statement
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