Common Central Heating Problems – Highlighted by PJ Bryer

Common Central Heating Problems

Common Central Heating Problems

To most of us, the pipes & fixtures that make up our central heating system are a mystery, not knowing much about how they actually work. This is the case especially when something goes wrong since it can be confusing & stressful when your heating stops working. We usually see problems happening in Autumn when the central heating is turned on after a long summer. Good practice with central heating systems usually means switching your system on at regular intervals even during the warmer months. This ensures that the system is flowing which distributes different sediments throughout the system rather than accumulating them in one particular area. This is where blockages, wear & damage can occur. If you’d like more information on common central heating problems then please visit our page on Central Heating Bristol or call our team on 01454 314980

If you’ve found a problem with your central heating then you don’t have to worry. Some problems are easy to solve yourself, as it can be as simple as bleeding a radiator. A few of these DIY solutions can be done with very little tools. If not, you can always call your local plumber for a affordable service. We always advise enquiring the help of a professional plumber if you are at all unsure of carrying out plumbing work.

It’s vital that your central heating is working well before the winter comes. If you want a comfortable home to live in, your central heating has to be working!

We’ve written up some of the most problems that we come across when our plumbers are called out.

My radiators or hot taps are cold, or all hot water taps are cold:

If you’re seeing the above in your home, you need to make sure your thermostat is off. Firstly, make sure it’s set to at least 17 degrees and adjust accordingly. If your heating still isn’t working, check the programmer & make sure both central heating & hot water are turned on. You can also check if the system is actually being powered, as blown fuses can be why your heating isn’t working.

If you’ve not had any luck by finding the problem, then there could be internal damage to the actual system. The pump is a common part that’s damaged since it’s the device that forces hot water down. This would need to be repaired by a plumber since remedial work to the heating system has to be done professionally. It could be as simple as cleaning the pump as sometimes sediment can clog the outlet valve.

We’ve also found that pumps can stop working due to trapped air. Most people have the capability of fixing this themselves. There should be a small nut on the back of the pump that you can turn to release air. Loosen the nut until liquid starts to come out, and then re-tighten.

Most Common Central Heating Problems

Most Common Central Heating Problems

My radiator is only warm at the bottom:

If your radiators are only warm at the bottom then you’re in luck, since it’s probably the easiest problem to fix when it comes to central heating. You just need to bleed the system as excess air is causing irregular flow internally. Firstly, you need to stop any more air entering the system by turning the pump off. You can then bleed the radiator by finding a brass nut on the top corners of the radiator you’re working on.

You need to turn the nut until you can hear air escaping from the radiator. Once you’ve bled the air out of the radiator, you should start seeing dirty water coming out of the valve. You should then close the valve tightly and double check it and our or so later for leaks.

My radiator is cold at the bottom but the top is warm:

If you’ve found your radiator is cold at the bottom but warm at the top then you may have to power flush your radiators or the entire system. Sludge will eventually build up in the radiator which needs to be flushed out. Our plumbers can accomplish this by power flushing your radiator. Flushing the system will also reveal any small leaks or a broken pump as any further problems that still aren’t solved will be due to a broken pump, blocked pipe or a fault in the system.

If your central heating or hot water has broken then it can be a huge inconvenience to your daily life. The lack of heating or hot water in the colder months can be very unpleasant, so it’s a good idea to know who to call if it does happen. PJ Bryer gives you the reassurance of knowing that a professional plumber is just a phone call away. For more information on our reliable services, visit our page: Central Heating Bristol or call our team on 01454 314980

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