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When it comes to the plumbing in your home, it’s a good idea to know a few preventative measures as well as a few solutions if you ever face a problem. Plumbing can bring up many problems, from leaks to blockages. We’ve seen our fair share of plumbing problems/issues so we know what to do when we’re called out! Here are some of the most common plumbing problems you’ll face & some informative tips to deal or avoid them! For more information about our plumber service, visit our page on Plumber Bristol and fix the most common plumbing problems.

Common Plumbing Problems

Common Plumbing Problems

Dripping Taps:

Dripping. The irritating sound of a dripping tap. This is the one of, if not one of the most common problems that any home can face. This isn’t a huge problem, however, as it’s usually a defect or general wear with your tap’s washer. If you’d like to extend the life of the washer, avoid turning or cranking your taps on with too much force. This will compress the washer too much and damage the material.

Leaky Pipes:

The average UK household is estimated to waste over 10,000 gallons of water per year because of leaks. That’s over 45,460 litres & just under 80,000 pints! It’s an insane amount of water that is being wasted which will also cost you, the bill payer. If every home in the UK fixed their leaky pipes by installing better fixtures, they could save 250,000,000,000 gallons of water! This will also save them over £5 billion pounds. If you think you have a leaky pipe or leaking plumbing in your home then it’s important to call a professional plumber. Don’t waste any more money & water than you have to!

No Hot Water:

One of the most common problems plumbers in Bristol get are boiler related, being that homes can be left without hot water if their boiler packs up! There are a few other reasons however the plumber on hand will determine what’s wrong so they can find a solution!

There are a few things you can check to be sure of the problem.
Before you give us a call, you can check a few things:

Seeing if you’re pilot light is still on if you are still using a gas boiler to heat your water.

Checking your boiler’s temperature setting, making sure it’s high enough to provide enough hot water. You may have to extend the heating period as well if you’re finding yourself using the hot water too quickly.

Making sure that your boiler is actually big enough to meet the needs of your home. This is a common problem as people can move into a home with a family that the house was never designed for. A group of people can quickly outgrow the size of the boiler, which pushes the need to install a boiler that can meet the needs of the household.

Leaking Boiler:

If your boiler leaks, it’s a clear sign that you need a professional plumber. Leaks will usually mean that the bottom of your boiler will have started to rust, which usually means you need to replace the tank itself. Leaks usually signal that the bottom of the water storage tank has started to rust, which means you’ll likely need to replace the unit. The plumber on call will see where the leak is coming from, making sure they’re able to consolidate the leak in order to repair or replace the parts required.

Blocked Drain:

Blocked DrainBlocked drains are common in Bristol, making them a very regular call for us to deal with. We usually see drains clogged with hair, grease, fats & oil as it’s usually the kitchen sink that causes the problem. This can damage the whole home’s plumbing as it can cause irregular pressure that will put a strain on fixtures that could break them.

Although we’re able to help you if your drain is blocked, the best advice for avoiding this is to stop pouring fats, oils & greases down the drain. It may go into the drain fine but it will end up coating the sides of the drain, eventually building up.

It’s actually easier for us to replace piping than it is to clean it, since cleaning the grease requires heavy-duty solvents & cleaners that aren’t ideal to use domestically.

Frozen Pipes/Plumbing:

With how cold the UK gets in the winter, Bristol is no stranger to harsh conditions. This means that plumbing is susceptible to freezing, which can damage fixtures & also cause problems with the central heating & water heating of your home. The condensate pipe most homes have can build up moisture which can freeze, which stops your boiler from being able to heat water. A quick fix is finding this pipe & thawing the frozen water out. If your pipes have frozen and you are unsure of how to fix it, it’s crucial that you contact a professional plumber.

Blocked/Clogged Toilet:

Running to the bathroom to find out that your toilet’s blocked is never ideal. Whilst a plunger is the immediate plan of action, it may not always be enough to solve your blockage. If you’re sure you aren’t flushing things you shouldn’t be and blockages keep happening, contact one of our plumbers who can help you find the problem you’re having.

Why using a professional plumber is a good idea

Small blockages & leaks can be fixed yourself. However, when it comes to major repairs & work, it should really be left the professionals If you would like more information about the domestic plumbing services that we offer in Bristol then visit our website on Plumber Bristol or call our team today!

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