The Most Expensive Bathrooms Ever

At PJ Byer we often get the chance to visit some beautiful houses in Bristol, of owners looking for a new bathroom. Although we have designed and installed bathrooms to all budgets, none were near the cost of these bathrooms.

Most Expensive Bathroom Ever

According to the Guinness Book of Records this bathroom is the most expensive ever installed. Costing a reported £2.5M, the bathroom features a toilet, bath and sink made of solid 24 carat gold. Made for a (very) successful jeweller in Hong Kong, called Hang Fung.

It makes us feel a little sorry for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who could only afford to have their toilets 24 carat ‘gold plated’  – for a reported £500,000

most expensive toilet ever

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Underwater Bathroom

Everything is done to excess in Dubai, and bathrooms are no exception to the rule. For the most expensive bathroom in Dubai you’d have to head below sea level to the undersea resort on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island. The Poseidon Suite sleeps up to five adults on three floors, and the bathroom has floor to ceiling windows allowing you to watch the fish swim among the artificial ruins as you shower. You’ll also have a butler on hand 24 hours a day. All this luxury does not come cheap though, and you can expect to £15,775 per night below the sea. This rate does include breakfast.

fish in bathroom bristol

Crystal Bathtub

There are two stories surrounding the creation of this bathtub. Firstly, that Tamara Ecclestone (daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the inventor / owner of Formula 1 racing) sent 5 experts to the Amazon to find and bring back to London a piece of crystal to ‘mill’ a bathtub from. The second version, is that she paid £500,000 for the piece of crystal. It is thought that with strengthening the floor of her £60M home in London, and fitting a bath plug the bath cost £1M. Why go to such extravagance? Tamara was quoted as saying “I spend a lot of time in the bath so it’s worth it”.

stone bath Bristol

If you are in the market for a new Bathroom with a budget in excess of £1M we are probably not the company for you. If however, you would like to have your dream bathroom and have a more realistic budget, we most certainly are the bathroom design and installation company in Bristol to contact. PJ Bryer designs and installs the highest quality bathrooms even for the most moderate of budgets. Telephone us today on 01454 314 980

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