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Plumber Bristol – Reliable Plumbing Services In Bristol

PJ Bryer are specialists who can take undertake a multitude of plumbing and heating services in the Bristol area that is second to none. We are widely renown for offering services which highlight our excellent experience in the industry and we always thrive to remain consistent with the standard of services we offer. If you are looking for plumbing and heating services in Bristol that do not lack quality, then PJ Bryer is the company for you! PJ Bryer has been in the plumbing industry serving Bristol for over 40 years and has constructed an excellent reputation for our field of work.

As a leading company in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area, providing high-quality plumbing and heating services to domestic and commercial customers. PJ Bryer are your local, friendly, and reliable plumber and heating service. Our expert plumbers and heating engineers are fully committed to providing high-quality services at an unmatchable standard, and at competitive rates. With our carefully employed heating engineers and plumbers, you can be assured of a reliable service that will exceed your expectations and match your requirements.

Heating Repair & Installation

When it comes to home comforts, your heating system is among the most valuable things you can have. Heating makes even the very coldest winter days or weeks more endurable. In the event your combi boiler or central heating has broken down then it’s possibly time you called us and discussed the repair of your boiler or maybe the installing a brand new heating system. Our knowledgeable engineers will assist you to choose the most suitable and efficient home heating for your property or home whether it is business or domestic.

If you are looking for a plumber in Bristol, then we can help you. PJ Bryer has been providing the South West with useful and reputable products and services for more than four decades so you can place your trust in such a long-serving business.

Boiler Upgrades – Plumber Bristol

If your boiler is over ten years old or keeps breaking down, it’s probably time to take into consideration upgrading your combi boiler given that keeping your out-of-date boiler operating can be expensive when it comes to energy monthly bills and repairs. At some point, it is probably going to be much more economical getting a new boiler given that developments in technologies mean you are getting a much more efficient combi boiler that means cost savings for both you and your gas bill. Why wait for your boiler to break down to have it replaced? Plan for your combi boiler replacement or upgrade and get ahead of the manic wintertime rush.

Boiler Maintenance – Plumber In Bristol

If you have a more modern boiler, that is worth maintaining then perhaps a boiler service is the best option for you since it is a worthwhile investment keeping your boiler well-maintained and serviced. Your boiler undergoes a great deal of wear and tear over the thousands of times we use it a year, so it is usual for the unit to develop small defects over time. Routine checks and maintenance  This can be the situation with older and obsolete central heating boilers given that they break down over decades of usage, whereas a whole new boiler, is worth servicing to keep it functioning at its full effectiveness.

Heating Repairs – Plumber In Bristol

PJ Bryer also deals with your heating repair or breakdown. If you ever find your radiators stone-cold at night time, you’ll be able to give our helpful team a telephone call, and we will help you with your central heating problems. When it is a problem starting your pilot light, or maybe your radiators are packing up, our technicians are confident they’ll be able to fix your problem with speed and reliability.

Central heating installation in Bristol – Plumber In Bristol

The need for reliable central heating systems can’t be underestimated since we’re all reminded of how bitterly cold it can get in the winter season. Your house should stay warm for your health and that of your loved ones but to ensure your plumbing system does not freeze. To be sure you, along with your property are warm during the chilly months, our local Plumbers are on hand to install the most modern energy-efficient Worcester Bosch boilers and many other top quality brands. Having a brand new high-efficiency boiler installed in your home can reduce your heating expenses quite significantly in a year.

Bathroom Design And Style

PJ Bryer can also help you in renovating your bathroom, creating a beautiful space in your home. The bathroom is among the most used rooms in your home, so why not convert it into a treat for your eyes? We have creative designers that can take a bare room and transform it into a tranquil and unique room or space that is customised for your property. If you would like a sophisticated visual or wanting to give off a more traditional look, the team at PJ Bryer can help you with whatever style and design you are interested in!

We use the most up-to-date design software program to build your home in a 3D digital format, so we’re able to provide the ideal bathroom for your room. No matter what type of bathroom you want, the bathroom area you are upgrading, be it a smaller bathroom or perhaps a big bathroom with a shower, the team at PJ can help you.

Bathroom Design And Installation

PJ Bryer doesn’t only design bathrooms but will fit them also; We offer an all-inclusive package because we can skillfully install your bathroom. We can provide all aspects of bathroom fitting from plastering, tiles and floors, electric and plumbing fitting as well as complete bathroom design. If you’re searching for a brand new bathroom enquire with PJ Bryer and transform your bathroom today

PJ Bryer has been a family managed business from the outset so having such strong core values genuinely shows how the company is managed. The standard of services are truly put above and before financial gain which means you get assured value for your money when it comes to employing our expert services.

Professional Plumbing Services – Plumber Bristol

Your home is your safe place, cosy and warm welcoming you back from a hard day. Then something goes wrong with the plumbing or central heating, and all hell breaks loose. Maintaining your domestic plumbing doesn’t need to be difficult as there are providers like PJ Bryer who offer professionalism, reliability and the highest level of expertise. With over 40 years worth of experience in the Bristol area, we have decades of experience with boilers, central heating, plumbing, and bathrooms. We go through a few of our main services which may come in useful if you ever find yourself with broken plumbing.

Why Should You Get Your Boiler Serviced?

Like an MOT does for a car, an annual check for your boiler detects any would-be issues that may cause problems. Boilers are intricate systems that are designed to withstand hard use but can be damaged over time. The best method to keep a boiler running is the prevention of damage by replacing parts that are worn. Having your boiler serviced stops anything small from progressively getting worse and rids of you of any problems that are starting to happen before they become an issue. If, and when a professional technician discovers a fault, the fault can then be handled and maintained in the appropriate manner.

The professional shall be able to detect and diagnose the problem and approach the situation with the correct response. You should never attempt a repair on your boiler. Boilers deal with boiling temperatures & large amounts of pressure, which can be lethal if messed around with.

PJ Bryer offers professional and expert boiler servicing in Bristol and surrounding areas. Our team of gas technicians are Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineers and have many years of experience with gas, LPG and oil-fired boiler servicing. Call today on 01454 314980

Boiler Servicing:

When you look at how much use an average boiler gets in the standard household, you can understand the need for regular servicing. Errors can occur so it’s important that a trained professional can be there to check your boiler to make sure these errors don’t cause any further damages, whether that is financially or psychically.  When you consider how much you depend on your boiler to heat your water in your household, you should be able to understand and account for the need to service your boiler. Servicing a boiler need not be expensive. At PJ Bryer we pride ourselves on our reasonable prices. We also offer a low-cost boiler service contract which covers any repairs.

Boiler Installation & Repairs

Without a properly maintained boiler in your own home, life can be very unpleasant throughout the chilly winter months. You can start by obtaining a reliable boiler and have it looked after or fixed by competent plumbers. Our company will allow you to select the best boiler for the home. If you have a pre-existing boiler that needs repair, we can easily service this for you at an affordable price. No matter whether your boiler performs heavy-duty industrial services or gentle home duties, our staff provide knowledge & expertise to deal with either of them. They apply the same professionalism across the board, so you get experienced plumbing services regardless of whether you have got a small combi-boiler or possibly a big commercial heating system.

Plumbing Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

Keeping your plumbing system up to date and in working order might be quite a challenge, but not for the specialists at PJ Bryer. Each of our plumbers is expertly trained to execute any domestic plumbing repair.

We also offer an emergency plumbing service for out of hours emergencies. Our emergency plumbing engineers in Bristol offer speedy, friendly and efficient services. We are dedicated to getting your plumbing issue settled quickly at an affordable price.


PJ Bryer is your local, friendly and reliable heating, maintenance and plumbing company in Bristol. We can cater to the plumbing needs of local homes and businesses in and around Bristol and the South West. Our plumbers offer an extensive range of heating & plumbing services in Bristol. From office toilets, domestic plumbing, hotel bathrooms, pub kitchens, wet rooms & so much more.

Plumbing Maintenance

We specialise in general plumbing maintenance, including anything from a leaky tap to a full-blown burst pipe. Leaking plumbing, blocked sinks, smelly drains, faulty stop taps and more are all things we can help you with.

Whether you’re a homeowner, own a pub, restaurant, nightclub, office, or student accommodation, you can rely on PJ Bryer! Call Bristol’s leading provider of plumbing & heating for your needs! Our expert plumbers in Bristol will help you, however big or small your plumbing needs in Bristol. Call us on 01454 314980 for your plumbing needs in Bristol.

Whilst your home may be comfortable now, it wouldn’t be for very long if your plumbing packed up! Blocked or leaking pipes are horrible to deal with & end up taking away things we used day to day. As easy as a DIY fix seems, you should always leave any repair work to a professional. Our team of plumbers are trained to the highest level so that they can deal with any issues they find.

Expertise comes with experience, and we have plenty of it. With more than 40 years of practice in the Bristol plumbing trade, we’re a leading provider of plumbing in Bristol! We’ve been providing the population of Bristol with reliable plumbing & central eating services so that no one is left in the cold or damp. If you are interested in our services, then please visit our page on Plumber Bristol today!

Plumber Bristol – Boiler Repairs & Maintenance

If you are left without a working boiler in your home, then the winter can be incredibly uncomfortable. Having your boiler regularly maintained & serviced is the key to keeping your boiler up and running so that you can depend on it when you need it the most. We can do this for you at an affordable price, or we can provide you with a free quote for a new heating system if your pre-existing one needs to be replaced. It doesn’t matter if your boiler packs up or if it’s your pipes that need replacing. Our team have been trained in both commercial and domestic plumbing so they can deal with any problem!

Gas boiler services in Bristol

To make sure that your boiler is performing at its best, we carry out regular checks to detect any problems. This means we notice something before they develop into a breakdown of the heating system. You could be a homeowner or even a property manager. You can still get the benefits from combination boiler repair & maintenance services that we offer.

This includes checking for any problems with timers and controls, upgrading corroded or damaged water pipes. This is to make sure that the gas plumbing in your home fits the newest gas regulations. We also want to check that no sludge or any other contaminant is blocking your central heating devices.

Our gas boiler, combination boiler and central heating solutions make sure that your system is running at optimum effectiveness. We will try to repair it to your boiler to the best of our abilities. However, if your boiler has been neglected over the years, then we may suggest for you to replace your boiler. We can offer you a boiler quote for your home at no cost.

Plumbing repairs, maintenance & installation in Bristol

Keeping your domestic or commercial plumbing system serviced can be a tedious task. It’s frustrating but it’s something you need to do! Our plumbing specialists fully trained to handle any plumbing-related repair service. Additionally, we provide the services of a local emergency plumber for any plumbing emergencies. Our team of emergency plumbers in Bristol supply quick & friendly services to you, our customer. We get your plumbing problem resolved immediately & at a low price. Whether you’re looking to schedule a planned appointment for boiler servicing or an emergency or out of hours plumber, PJ Bryer offers reliable services so that you can carry on with your day!

Power flushing in Bristol – Plumbing In Bristol

Your central heating system in your home can build up sludge, corrosion and other contaminants over years of use. If these substances components aren’t found and removed early enough, they can cause major damage. This can ruin your entire central heating system, from the radiator to boiler. We use a range of specialist flushing tools for our power flushing in Bristol. Our workers make use of a powerful water jet to flush your central heating system.

This will increase the efficiency of your central heating, and you should see lower energy costs since your boiler and plumbing can work more smoothly. Powerflushing is a low-priced service that pays for itself quickly, through a more efficient central heating system.

Residential & commercial gas safety certificates and testing in Bristol

Undetected gas leaks can cause a massive fire or even explosion, causing massive loss of property & life. If you own a property, the protection of the tenants is your responsibility. It’s a suggested idea for a tenant to regularly check the gas on their property. This is why we offer a convenient service to carry out intensive inspections. We want to be sure there aren’t any issues with the heating system. If you are a Landlord, you can relax as we will check the safety of the gas equipment on your property and will provide you with safety certificates when your systems show no signs of leaking or damage! We also carry out industrial central heating boiler diagnostic tests and examinations.

Why should I use PJ Bryer for my plumbing solution in Bristol?

Based on the outskirts of Bristol, we’re ideally situated to service the population of Bristol, no matter where you are. Whether you’re in Frenchay, Horfield, St Werburghs, Bedminster, Bradley Stoke, Stoke Bishop, Clifton or Filton, our Bristol based plumbers can be with you in no time. The team at PJ Bryer are confident that with over 40 years of experience, the level of service you’re going to receive from our qualified plumbers Bristol will be second to none.

Our Bristol plumbers pride themselves on the quality service that they deliver. We want our customers to be able to recommend us to others. We also provide a free consultation for those looking to buy a new boiler.

Quick Response Rate

We know that anything used to warm your house is a possible threat to the safety of your home. It’s for that reason that we offer a quick response rate when you call our emergency team. Noticed a leaky gas pipe? Has your boiler been acting strangely? Our boiler specialists will be at your door to make sure your home is safe! Our engineers work throughout Bristol, assuring a quick response to your call wherever you are!

Expertise & Experience

The success at PJ Bryer is due to the excellent services we’ve provided for the past 40 years. Every one of our plumbers in our team can handle a wide range of plumbing emergencies or maintenance tasks. It’s rare for our plumbers to have to go to a home twice! Our first fix rate is much higher than any other provider in Bristol! This is down to the level of service we’ve developed over the past 40+ years. We’re increasing the number of happy customers we’ve worked with every day!

Rapid response time

We know that any plumbing problem can be a detriment to daily life, interrupting things we use every day. Regardless of what your problem is, we assure our trained and accredited plumbers can repair your plumbing! We have plumbers in the area so we can have someone out to you in no time at all!

If you’re in need a plumber in Bristol, then PJ Bryer is the best option for you. Our plumbing experts have the experience & knowledge to make sure your plumbing issue is fixed the first time around! Call our operators on 01454 314980 and arrange a plumber today!

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