Pranks Bristol Electricians Have Pulled on their Apprentices

Since the first time that Archimedes shouted “Eureka”, electricians and tradesmen have been pulling pranks on their apprentices. However creative or cruel they are a right of passage and no apprentice is one of the gang until they have fallen for one and ended up with a nickname that will stick for life. 


We were sitting in the offices at P.J. Bryer discussing the pranks we have pulled and it seems that Bristol Electricians are not afraid of pushing their own apprentices to blow a fuse!

So with my own Eureka moment I have put together a list of the best and suitable for work pranks.


Sending Your Apprentice to the Suppliers

One of the most well known tricks is to send your electrical apprentice to the nearest Bristol suppliers and ask for something the Electricians really needs including:


  • Wire stretching tools
  • Aluminum magnets
  • Fluorescent tube benders
  • Sky hooks
  • Box of short circuits.
  • Long weights and short weights
  • Left handed screwdrivers


Electrician On Site Pranks that Hurt

Now not strictly pranks that are related to electricians but our electricians were on a large building site so they picked a few mean ones.


  • Line up a bunch of leftover pipe offcuts and challenge the apprentice to kick them with his non dominant foot – the last one is cemented into the ground ready for the plumbing.
  • Challenge the apprentice to a cement bag strength test and have someone creep up behind him and just as he places the bag over his head slit the bag. One apprentice covered in cement dust.
  • The electrics were off but just as our apprentice flicked his first switch we set off firecrackers behind him. We almost scared one boy to tears once – opppppsss.


The Idiot Tests

We like to think that Bristol electricians are some of the brightest sparks but these few pranks leave me slightly concerned.


  • First day on the job before the apprentice knows the boss, give him a list of really menial jobs and a couple interesting ones. Tell him that a new guy who is just a day labourer will be on site and you need to share the work. Of course when you point out the guy, the apprentice will try to pass off the worst jobs – the day labourer is actually the boss!
  • One of our electricians recently asked out 16 year old apprentice to get his screwdriver from upstairs, took him 30 minutes (and asking 3 people) to realise that there is no upstairs in a bungalow.
  • In the office we get sent every new apprentice who asks for a ID-10-T form. We always play along and after asking them to repeat it a few times, we ask them to write it down. At least we get the laugh on that one.


Should Bristol Electricians be Allowed Around Water


  • When the apprentice bends over to do some work we pour water down the crack of his jeans. This is more of a lesson as we are electricians not plumbers.
  • We once had the apprentice drilling holes in the ceiling. Over the last hole we asked him to drill, we had a bucket of water. By the time he got down the ladder he was soaked.
  • If we have lots of kit to carry around we use a wheelbarrow so we love to take the opportunity to tell our apprentice that he must pass a wheelbarrow proficiency test. We have them wheeling around a wheelbarrow full of water and even get them to reverse and do three point turns.


Messing with an Electricians Tool Box

No electrician is without his tool box and it seems no apprentices tool box is safe.


  • My first week on the job, my boss screwed my tool box to the ground. I nearly ripped my arm off when I went to grab it.
  • We upgraded and made over one of the lads tool boxes. Any handled tool we wrapped in Barbie printed sticky tape. 5 years later he has since moved companies but is still  called Barbie.
  • No animal was harmed but when working at a Bristol Aquarium we empted a guys lunch box, lined it with aquarium gravel, water and put a goldfish in. I also ate his crisps.


Here at PJ Bryer we would like to state that none of these pranks should be tried at home and no apprentices were hurt in the making of this blog. All our electricians are fully qualified, professional, really nice people and lots of fun.


So to hear the rude stories we couldn’t put on here, meet these great people or actually have some electrical work done in Bristol contact us now!

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