Offset your heating and hot water costs with our renewable energy solutions. Solar Thermal Water Heating and Photovoltaic Panels are two forms of renewable energy, that use the solar radiation to heat water and generate electricity. Beneficial for saving money on your energy bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint, thermal water heating and photovoltaic panels require very little maintenance once installed. At PJ Bryer Heating & Plumbing Services, we offer impartial advice to ensure you get the most cost effective energy solution for your needs. Visit our showroom in Bristol today to discuss the options available to you.

Renewable energy can be had in a few ways, however, having an easy way of getting power through renewable means in your home can be difficult. The most effective way has to be Solar PV Panels, which are panels that comprise of silicone panels arranged in a series. These panels are usually installed on the roof of your home, although remote installations in the garden etc. can be done.

PV stands for Photovoltaic, taken from the name of the process that converts light into electricity. This process was discovered by engineers & scientists in the 1950’s whilst they were experimenting with silicone. They discovered that if exposed to sunlight, silicone would actually generate an electric charge. Decades after this amazing discovery, we are now able to harness this charge and actually make use of this source of clean energy!

From the heating in your home to the appliances you want to power, PV panels can be used to generate electricity for anything! Solar PV panels are used to generate electricity, so anything you would use normally can be powered by solar panels! Solar panels end up being a great money saver for the household as well as a great way of reducing your carbon footprint. Every watt of power that you aren’t taking from the grid is money you’re saving as you’re generating it yourself!

At PJ Bryer, we have a team of specialist engineers that are thoroughly trained in every aspect of solar PV panels. From maintenance to installation, the professional and qualified renewable energy engineers are very helpful! We work throughout Bristol, working in numerous locations throughout. From Bristol City Centre, Ashley Down, Ashton Vale, Aztec West, Bradley Stoke, Broadmead, Filton, Frenchay, Redland, St Werburgh’s, Staple Hill & Whitchurch!