Crazy Plumber Stories From Across the World

Being a plumber can be an exciting, sociable and challenging profession where you have the opportunity to complete a wide variety of different tasks each day and get to meet a multitude of different people with different needs. It is one of the reasons why so many plumbers enjoy their job so much. Another great benefit of being a plumber is being able to work with different people of different trades to tackle issues in both your fields of work. Due to the variety of different tasks, problems, and people each and every day, it is likely that there will be some encountered problems that may be slightly unusual, extra challenging, weird or are significant in your memories of being a plumber. In this post, we have searched far and wide and found some of the worlds craziest, most ridiculous, and funniest plumbing stories. As our plumbers in Bristol interact with the general public pretty much every single day, they have encountered some hilarious issues and have been in some ridiculous situations, however, their problems do not quite touch how ridiculous there are!

Blame it on the plumber…

It is likely that if you are a plumber, you are used to being commonly accused of over-charging for your services, especially when it isn’t the case at all. If you are a plumber, you will also know that this isn’t the only misdemeanour that you can be charged with. Use this next story as an example. The plumber arrived at a well-to-do house in the nicer part of his hometown for rough-in for a new bathroom. During the work and after the work, the plumber believed that the work he had completed went very well and he had done a very good job, however, during the work the clients did not seem to treat the plumber nicely. The wife was convinced that the work that was completed was not what she wanted. Her husband did not share the feeling that he was dissatisfied by the work. This had left the plumber confused and curious to why she thought the work was inefficient.

Going forward a few weeks after the plumbing work was completed, the wife called the plumber to complain about the quality of work the plumber had completed. According to her, the rough-in led to massive leaks that affected her new bathroom and the ceilings below. In response, the plumber headed back to her home to investigate the issue, where he received a heavy and memorable tongue-lashing from the wife. Upon the inspection, the plumber was still confused at what had happened and how the leak was even caused. He noticed that it seemed like water had been randomly splashed everywhere and could not find anywhere where the water was leaking, which had left him in an extremely awkward position as the plumber couldn’t explain the cause of the problem to the seemingly angry wife.

After continuously checking all over the bathroom and trying to investigate where exactly the leak was coming from, the answer for why there was water everywhere was finally revealed by the client’s daughter. As the plumber was struggling to locate the leak, the client’s daughters head had poked around the corner and asked: “Are you here because Billy and Tommy had a water balloon fight in the bathroom whilst mommy was taking a nap?” She then proceeded by saying “It was really bad. She put all the broken balloons in my garbage can. Look how many! Mommy told daddy that the stupid plumbers did it and my daddy is gonna sue everybody!”

So it actually turned out that the plumber was right and shouldn’t have been confused to why he couldn’t find a leak as there wasn’t one. The daughter of the client’s story was true and the client’s sons had actually had a water fight in the bathroom. Instead of the wife admitting it to her husband, she had lied and decided to blame the plumber to make a show of his incompetence. It was not long after that the plumber had found the two full garbage bags of broken water balloons and upon the discovery of the reason for the water in the bathroom, he was escorted from the premises and never heard from them again.

There’s a what in my pipes?!

The vast majority of the time, when a plumber gets called to a home toilet-related issue, it’s because of a blockage that the owner could solve themselves. This is the case for the plumbers at PJ Bryer anyway. These issues are usually relatively easy to solve with the right tools and can be finished within a few minutes. The mystery object that caused the blockage is then removed, or put far enough down the drainage system that it leaves the house entirely. In some cases like this one, the mysterious object may require special skills.

A plumber called Ed Ernest was once called for one such blockage, but the mysterious object was far from any of the usual suspects. In fact, the mystery object was not an object, it was a squirrel! When Ed has arrived at the home, the client took him upstairs to his bathroom, to which he discovered a strange, bushy, tail-like object poking out of the toilet bowl. He attempted to pull on the bushy object to when he released that it was the tail of a squirrel who by miracle was still alive. The shocked plumber, knowing he was to be quick and careful, removed the toilet from the homes water supply in its entirety. This was the easiest way of saving the toilet trapped squirrel.

After finally disconnecting the toilet from the homes water supply, Ed found the water-logged squirrel poking its head out of the other end of the pipe. The squirrel saving superhero took out his auger, and with some extra care and precision, managed to get the head and two paws of the poor squirrel out of the other end of the toilet. By grabbing the squirrel by the paws, Ed managed to pull the squirrel completely. The plumber did not know who was in more shock, himself or the squirrel! Thankfully, the poor squirrel still remained alive, so Ed took it outside and placed it on a nearby tree. To end the story on with a happy ending, both the squirrel and the toilet were eventually saved.

All I had to do was flick the switch…

Pretty much every single plumber has their own version of the ‘I went over and had to flip a switch’ story, as frustrating and as funny as they can be, however, this one surely has to take the top spot. A local plumber was called to a bank in his city centre to investigate an ongoing hot water issue. When the plumber arrived, he was escorted to the tank, which was easily over twenty years old but seemed to be in perfect condition. Upon talking to the manager of the bank, the plumber shortly discovered that the tank had never produced hot water in twenty years. Since it had been there, electricians and plumbers had been frequently called in, but none of them seemed to be able to find the source of the problem. The bank employees eventually got used to having no hot water inside of the kitchenette, but finally agreed after to replace the heater. When the plumbers arrived, they looked at the tank, saw that the switch was in the off position, and then flicked it on. It’s been working completely fine ever since. Following this, the plumbers left and the original tank worked completely fine.

Most of the greatest plumbing stories aren’t actually the gross ones you’d expect, but simply the unusual circumstances. As previously mentioned, plumbers interact with different people every single day, and that’s what produces a whole wealth of stories. It is likely that you may have a friend or a family member that is a plumber, next time you are at a social event with them, why not ask them if they have any ridiculous encounters in the years of being a plumber? They may be a little gross, but they’re guaranteed to give you and others a good laugh!

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