What Services Do Bristol Electricians Supply And What Do Those Services Involve?

This article will show us which are the main electrical services that an electrician in Bristol would provide and just what is involved in those services, we will look at small, medium and large jobs for both commercial and domestic electricians so you can get a really good idea about the trade itself. 

An electrician in Bristol is, of course, like any other electrician in the UK just perhaps with a little bit more class and as they are based in Bristol than they also have a fine heritage coming from such a historic city.

Electricians are needed for almost every project you can think of from completing the first fix on a brand-new home, office or factory to simply adding an extra socket to make life easier in the kitchen. 

Being A Trusted Electrician

The key to start with is choosing the electrician in Bristol who has the right qualifications, someone like PJ Bryer they must be gas safe registered as these days many jobs cross over into that space and can prove to be expensive and time-consuming if you have to have two tradespeople for the same job. Next look for trade associations such as NAPIT and OFTEC, they show the company is a serious player in the Bristol electrician marketplace. Look for an electrical contractor who is capable of completing many different types of electrical work such as boiler installation and servicing, emergency electrical call outs, central heating repairs and power flushing, central heating repairs and installs along with total house and office rewires.

Many local Bristol electrical engineers will offer services such as wet room design and bathroom fit-outs that rely heavily on the expertise of a qualified electrician and plumber as the two jobs combine very often indeed so it’s, again, best to pick an electrical contractor who is more than capable in both of these trades. 

So, let’s look at a typical job that an electrician will be asked to carry out, a domestic house rewire. Often the house will still have its original wiring from it was built so it is not just a case of changing a few plug sockets to get it up to scratch. It would most likely include replacement of all wiring which means walls, ceilings and flooring need to be disturbed, sometimes even rebuilt if it’s that messy. A qualified electrician will be able to advise what needs moving, what can be left where it is, where you should think about having replacement plug sockets put and also if you need a new fuse box to complement the new wiring and sockets. To be honest the Fuse box is a small expense in the grand scheme of this and it’s often suggested that this is updated along with everything else in the rewire unless the fuse box is particularly new of course. They may even be able to advise on such products that can talk to each other wirelessly saving you time and mess destroying walls to put your new cables into. It’s often suggested that the clients if they can, move out of the property whilst a rewire is completed therefore it is absolutely vital you choose someone you trust to complete the job, someone like PJ Bryer who have over 40 years of local experience and 100’s of satisfied clients to call upon should you need to. You are letting them into your house often unaccompanied so choose wisely. 

What Is A Rewire And How Much Is It?

A house rewire for a standard 3 bedroom semi-detached house that has original wiring in it should normally take two electricians just over a week to complete and prices, including the parts, can come to anywhere from £3000 to £5000 depending on your finished choices. The great news though is this money goes straight on to the value of your house and keeps you living in a much safer environment. Houses these days with older wiring really struggle to sell and if they do there are big reductions if the electrics are not up to date.

Another large project or job and electrical contractor should be enlisted for are wet rooms. These are shower style rooms that are totally waterproof within the whole room with cleverly laid floors, draining devices, plumbing and fittings, not to mention a great deal of expertise in the design and building of wet rooms in all different shapes and sizes. 

Wet rooms not only offer a different option to a standard shower room but also can be vital if you need extra space for mobility, hoists and track rails along the floor can be fitted for those who need assistance in taking a bath or shower and the illusion of space gives the room a much larger feel. It goes without saying that wet rooms should only be attempted by qualified electricians, plumbers and bathroom designers, people with experience in these types of construction. 

Some smaller jobs an electrician in Bristol will carry out would be things like adding extra light or power sockets to an existing electrical ring, planning to deliver electricity to an outbuilding or summer house in the garden, maybe installing a new appliance in a different area of the kitchen or maybe moving your washing machine to a different room where there is no current water supply. Almost every job you can think of, at some point, will require an experienced electrician and plumber if it needs either power, water or both!

If you are an industrial or commercial customer then the types of requests you would have for an electrician in Bristol would be things like Pat testing which tests all the items you have connected to the mains electricity. You may have to adhere to legally to periodic inspections at your premises or indeed need to perform emergency light testing to meet requirements and laws. Lighting installations may need to be carried out at an industrial location as well as fire safety checks. All of these jobs are in the domain of your friendly local Bristol electrician.

So, let’s summarise the types of job your local electrician in Bristol can do for you. Be it a small change of a plug or socket somewhere in your house or a brand-new appliance installation in a room that has no water or electricity currently running to it all the way to a large domestic house electrical rewire to bring your property kicking and screaming into the 21st century. 

Bathroom installation, wet rooms, PAT testing, house rewires, plug and socket management, lighting installations and maintenance checks for fire equipment, lights and appliances all can be carried out by your local qualified electrician.

Superior Team Of Electricians In Bristol

We hope that the article above has helped you to understand what and how an electrician in Bristol does and may have given you some ideas of how you can carry out work on your own property or if you are also a commercial client there may well be some ideas that you need for your business address. Thanks very much indeed for reading our article. 


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