Why Get Your Boiler Serviced – Advice by PJ Bryer Bristol

Like with a car service, annual checks of your boiler can detect whether something needs repairing or replacing. Having your boiler serviced stops anything small from progressively getting worse and rids of you of any problems that are starting to happen before they become an issue. If, and when a professional technician discovers a fault, the fault can then be handled and maintained in the appropriate manner. The professional shall be able to detect and diagnose the problem and approach the situation with the correct response. Please don’t attempt to repair boilers without expert knowledge and training in the systems in questions as you can be dealing with boiling temperatures and large amounts of pressure, which can be lethal if misused.

PJ Bryer offers professional and expert boiler servicing in Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare and surrounding areas. Our team of gas technicians are Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineers and have many years of experience with gas, LPG and oil-fired boiler servicing. Call today on 01454 314980

When you look at how much use an average boiler gets in the standard household, you can understand the need for a regular service. Errors can occur so it’s important that a trained professional can be there to check your boiler to make sure these errors don’t cause any further damages, whether that is financially or psychically.  When you consider how much you depend on your boiler to heat your water in your household, you should be able to understand and account for the need to service your boiler. Servicing a boiler need not be expensive. AT PJ Bryer we pride ourselves on our reasonable prices. We also offer a low-cost boiler service contract which covers any repairs.

Why should you get your boiler serviced?

Why should you get your boiler serviced?

Below we have a small list of further reasons why you should think about servicing your boiler:

Reduce your heating bill

When you hire an engineer to service your boiler, they will provide the best logistical knowledge and training that they can offer to make sure your boiler is running efficiently. A more efficient boiler runs smoother, meaning it uses a lot less energy to maintain a consistent temperature.

Carbon monoxide can kill

Some installers may not install boilers correctly. Unless these faults caused by an improper installation, it can cause lethal amounts of carbon monoxide, as it is a by-product of the heating system in your boiler. This isn’t a joking matter as gas can kill very quickly if not detected, and unfortunately, detecting carbon monoxide is no easy feat. It’s odourless and can’t be seen so it really is vital that your boiler is maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

If you’re a landlord, It’s your obligation.

If you are a landlord or have the legal responsibility for another person’s household, it is your legal obligation to ensure you have the correct safety certificates to prove your gas systems have been maintained and installed by a trained professional.  Any accidents would end up with the landlord being held legally responsible for any human errors that have occurred. PJ Bryer offer Landlord services such as boiler checks, boiler servicing and boiler repairs. We also issue Landlord gas safety certificates.

Save yourself money on repairs

As we mentioned before, boiler services are much like car services. Would you rather replace the whole engine or an oil filter? When having to replace the whole system, you would much rather of replaced one component that could have prevented the failure of the whole system. An annual service will detect any small problems that can lead to further failure which will damage the boiler and end up costing you more money.

For more information or to book a boiler service in Bristol please telephone 01454 314 980 or visit our page on Boiler Service Bristol

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