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Local Plumbers Bristol – PJ Bryer

It’s difficult to find a local plumber that’s able to offer a professional service, especially at short notice. Plumber call outs happen at the most random times since you can’t foresee a problem occurring. From blocked sinks to leaky pipes, local plumbers called out at a moments notice. There are thousands of companies in Bristol, providing what they claim is a professional service. These companies tell you that they are effective but usually end up being an entire waste of time. A company that has been around for decades have something right, which is why PJ Bryer has been around for decades. From central heating boilers to bathrooms, PJ Bryer heating and plumbing professional services do everything! If you are looking for Local Plumbers Bristol then give our team a call today on 01454 314980

Local Plumbers Bristol

Local Plumbers Bristol

Emergencies can happen at any time as it’s never something we prepare for or know it’s even coming. This is why we’ve refined our emergency call outs making sure that we’re able to offer a fast & reliable service to those who need it.

Finding a reliable local plumber

Ensuring that your chosen plumbing provider is reliable is a difficult task. Even with search engines & social media, it’s hard to find out what a company is truly like. Falsified reviews & manufactured case studies are always difficult to detect, so how do you know that you can trust a company? Dealing with them face to face is a good start, however, the chance to do this with a plumber doesn’t happen that often. Phoning them to gauge the companies interaction is a very good step. you’re able to gauge whether they’re responsive to your problem. A decent provider will be knowledgeable & informed about the situation. They will be able to devise a quick & easy solution, sending a plumber to you as soon as possible.

Local central heating repair Bristol

When it comes to home comfort, there’s nothing like being in a nice warm home on a cold day. Central heating is vital in the UK as we face cold weather all year round. If we aren’t blessed with a hot summer, central heating is our saviour in colder temperatures, especially in the Winter. A cold home is an uncomfortable one, especially with the cold autumnal weather. Central heating is susceptible to failing though, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in store. Make sure you have a local plumber you can call if your central heating ever stops working. Nothing is worse than a cold home, so make sure you don’t have to live in one!

If you are looking for Local Plumbers In Bristol, PJ Bryer can assist you. PJ Bryer has been providing the Bristol region with helpful and dependable products and services for over 4 decades so you’re able to place your trust in such a long-serving business. Call our team on 01454 314980 today to speak to a member of our team.

Keeping your homes plumbing up & running might seem daunting, but not for the team at PJ Bryer. Our trained plumbers are able to provide a professional solution to your problem. From blocked pipes to leaky taps to bleeding radiators, our plumbers can do it all!

Local Boiler Services in Bristol

A large part of our plumbing service consists of boiler related jobs since plumbers are able to deal with the central heating! Without a properly maintained boiler in your own home, life can be very unpleasant throughout the winter months. You can ensure that your house is a cosy one by having one of our engineers service your boiler. Our team make sure they’re providing a good service that’s reliable & cost effective. Boilers are not only necessary, they’re engrained in UK culture since the winter drops the average temperature to 0.4 °C!

Whether you have a new combi-boiler or an old oil fed boiler, we’re able to service all styles & types! Our team carry out every job they get with care, precision and expertise. They apply the same professionalism across the board, so you get a pleasant service that you’ll want to recommend!

What do I do to service my boiler?

To ensure your boiler is working to the best of its ability, you need to regularly service it to guarantee its efficiency. Boilers will gradually build up grime & sediment whether it’s oil or water fed, which slows the system down. Pipes also gradually fade so it’s a necessity that your boiler is serviced especially before the winter. If left without servicing, your boiler can develop clogs, blockages & leaks that end up breaking the system. Being left without central heating is an absolute nightmare. We can’t tell you the number of homes we’ve been too when the heatings went and it’s absolutely freezing!

Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, our plumbing service brings a wide range of benefits due to our expertise & professionalism. With a wide range of boiler repair & servicing solutions, we can solve any problem you’re facing! Whether that’s looking for any broken parts, replacing corroded or worn out piping, flushing out the system or just general servicing, we can provide it all! Our engineers are familiar with all gas boiler, combi-boiler and central heating services to ensure that they’re able to work on any system they’re given.

Boiler Upgrades

If your boiler is over 10 years old, it’s a good idea to look at upgrading. Even if the boiler is still working, it’s most likely operating inefficiently. This makes your heating bill more expensive, as you’re having to use more energy. After regular repairs to keep your old boiler going, you could have just upgraded to new system. Modern boilers are less prone to problems & run much more efficiently. This reduces your bills as well as overall energy expenditure which is good for everyone.

Boiler Servicing

If your home has a modern central heating boiler that doesn’t need upgrading, servicing is a better option. Boiler servicing is something any homeowner can do to make sure the proper function of a boiler. Boilers are constantly working, so it is vital that they are regularly maintained & serviced. Regular servicing means that your boiler has a lower rate of failure, and have better efficiency levels. Servicing a boiler also highlights any issues that may develop into catastrophic problems. This stops any big problems from developing which could have broken the entire system.

Bathroom Fitting

PJ Bryer doesn’t only design bathrooms but fits them too. Enquiring with PJ Bryer is an all-inclusive system because we are able to skillfully fit your bathroom. We can give you all aspects of bathroom fitting from plastering, tiling and flooring, electrical and plumbing installation in addition to complete bathroom style and design. So if you’re in need of a whole new bathroom enquire with PJ Bryer and transform your bathroom today

PJ Bryer has been a family operated business from the very start so having such powerful core values really shows how the business functions. The grade of services is honestly put above and before financial gain at PJ Bryer so you get a certain value for your money on using our professional services.

For anyone who is in need of a Local Plumber In Bristol, PJ Bryer will be the best option for you. We’ve improved our service over decades of experience, making sure our service is the best you can get. Call today on 01454 314980


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