Is your noisy boiler keeping you awake at night? This could indicate scale, rust and sludge deposits have accumulated in your central heating system. Power flushing is an effective method of cleaning out your pipework, radiators, cylinder and boiler, resulting in quieter and more efficient operation. Beneficial for extending the life of your boiler and lowering your fuel bills, power flushing will make your entire system more reliable and remove those cold patches from your radiators.

Is power flushing useful?

Central heating systems draw in things like sludge & rust along with other contaminants whilst they’re working to heat your home. It’s this accumulation of dirt that will gradually clog pipes & plumbing. This in turn will affect the way that the central heating functions and how well it will heat your home. Furthermore, we realise this is a problem for many homes, as it would have been years if not decades since their central heating system was last cleaned or serviced.

PJ Bryer provide a specialist power flushing service that uses a powerful water jet that will flush your central heating system out! The pressure from the jets we use forces any build up/sediment out of the system clearing the pipes out. This ensures your central heating system is much more free-flowing, therefore more effective in heating your home! This will heighten the performance of your home heating units and even lower energy monthly bills. This is a low-cost solution that pays for itself fairly quickly since you’ll be paying less as your central heating system will be much better in warming your house.

If you’ve noticed your central heating making unusual noises, then it’s time to get in touch with PJ Bryer Heating & Plumbing Services. We will work to determine whether your system would benefit from power flushing. If ignored, these problems can cause irreversible damage to your boiler, which will cost a lot more than power flushing to repair or replace.

Call us if you notice any of these signs:

  • Loud or unusual boiler noises
  • Your boiler or radiators are slow to warm up
  • Cold patches on your radiators
  • Combination boilers showing signs of water leakage
  • Fluctuating hot water temperature
  • Repeated central heating pump failure
  • Combination boiler pressure gauge keeps dropping below 1 bar

Our specialist and qualified central heating power flushing Engineers work throughout the Bristol area!

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