Recovering from a cold shower or are you sitting in a room in your house with a jumper on? It may be time to consider PJ Bryer’s heating maintenance service in Bristol and surrounding areas. We don’t give much thought to our hardworking boilers and central heating systems until they don’t perform when we expect them to. By that stage, it’s often too late and your plans for the day have disappeared down the drain, along with the cold water from your shower. PJ Bryer Heating & Plumbing Services can ensure your central heating system is kept in tip-top condition, minimising the chances of this ever happening to you.

“My central heating use to take half an hour or so to heat my home, but now it seems to be taking ages? What could the problem be?”

At PJ Bryer, we’ve faced this question from concerned homeowners across Bristol. We usually answer it with “How old is your central heating?”

If they respond with 10 years or older, then we usually know what the problem is. Central heating as an internal system takes a lot of wear & tear over the years, and sediment & other build-up starts to accumulate internally. This happens when the water inside of the central heating brings in salts, minerals & other sediments that eventually builds up inside of the system. This slowly clogs the system, potentially damaging internal components that require clear piping & unrestricted flow to function.

If sediment & sludge is left to collect, then it will eventually kill the boiler & pump, making your central heating system useless. Most central heating breakdowns that we see day to day is because of sludge build up either damaging the boiler tank itself or other components that are vital for the system’s function. This is why we recommend regular maintenance and servicing of your central heating as it’s the only way you can discover problems like this whilst they’re developing. It’s easier to solve a smaller issue than it is to replace an entire system.

Regular central heating maintenance will ensure the proper function of the heating in your home, making sure you’re home is properly heated throughout the year. If you’ve experienced some problems with your heating like sluggish performance or no heating at all, a new central heating system may have to be installed in your home if the damage has already been done. For that, we recommend our Central Heating Installation service, offered by the same accredited engineers who’ve been working in the Bristol area for 40+ years.

Are specialist, professional and qualified heating maintenance Engineers are placed throughout Bristol and surrounding areas and are normally only a few minutes away.