5 Reasons Why Your Central Heating is Not Working

We often rely on central heating a lot during the winter, as it’s the only thing that’s keeping us warm. Most of us go through decades without thinking of having our systems serviced, which is a common oversight considering how much we depend on it. Unfortunately, like all mechanical systems, sometimes things fail and pack up, so we are going to give you the top list of things that will stop your central heating from working so you can diagnose it.

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1 – Trapped Air In Radiator System

Whilst trying to test your central heating system, check to see if you still have hot water, as if this is still working, then it could be a fault with the radiator system alone and you may get away with just having a partial repair on your central heating. This could be just trapped air as the reason your central heating isn’t working, as this can create cold spots in your systems, which could also be the reason if you have particular radiators that aren’t working. This is one of the simpler fixes, as all that needs to be done is bleeding the system; much like you would with a vehicles brake line. Once the air is released and you have a steady overflow of heated water, then all of the trapped air has been vented and you can check if the system is working as intended. If not then you can move onto the next checks to try and diagnose the problem with your central heating.

2 – Sediment Build-Up In Your  Central Heating System

If bleeding the radiators didn’t fix the problem, then you may have an accumulative amount of sediment in your plumbing that’s psychically preventing the flow of hot water through the plumbing around your house. If this is the case and it’s apparent that it’s the cause, then the only solution is to hire a plumber to carry out a professional “flush” through your system, as it is the only thing that will “repair” your current system without replacing whole sections which will end up costing more. This will need the experience and knowledge of a professional, so please don’t attempt this yourself without the credited experience and training, as you could be dealing with huge amounts of air pressure if there is trapped air in the system. You could end up damaging the system further or even risking injury or death in extreme scenarios. PJJ Bryer have qualified and professional Plumbers local to you to carry out “power flushing” throughout your central heating system.

3 – Interval Timer / Control Panel

Another cause of the lack of central heating in your property could be the control panel, as a timer, which allows the system to start and stop at certain intervals in the day, controls most systems. If it is an interface system issue then just simple operation of the dashboard could fix the problem as there is usually a factory reset with the system, which could resolve the issues. You could also refer to the manufactures manual if you were given it, or contacting a helpline if possible.

4 – Leaky Pipes

Another reason that could stop your central heating from working could be a leaky pipe that is creating a lack of flow to your radiators. A tell tale sign that you have a leak is a very noisy central heating system, making twanging and clicking noises throughout the day. If possible it is a good idea to examine the pipes to check for any major leaks, this will be an obvious repair and will require an immediate repair if it’s a large leak. If that’s the case then a structural engineer may have to survey the area as it leaking water could damage support material or foundations. A professional plumber will also have to repair the leak regardless of what size, just to ensure the repair is credited and the system is deemed working and safe to use. If you are unsure, call PJ Bryer and we will have a qualified expert with you in no time.

5 – Old System

If you have tried everything above and still haven’t had success, then it could just be the time to update an older boiler if your system was an older variation. If your boiler is out-dated, it might just be a case of the system reaching the end of it’s usefulness, as certain parts wear out and aren’t manufactured anymore, making repairs increasingly more difficult for central heating Engineers / plumbers alike. The silver lining with replacing the existing system is that your new system will be more energy efficient, saving you in the long term with bills as any modern heating system is much more economical and efficient to run.

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