Basement Lights: A Guide

Walking into a poorly lit basement or attic isn’t always the most pleasant, uplifting experience, even if you’ve recently invested in a renovation project. No matter the design of your basement or attic, poor lightening can make your additional space at home appear as it’s from a horror flick. Good lighting solutions, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect, creating a more comforting, inviting environment. No matter the purpose of the basement or attic, installing the right lighting is crucial.

Getting to grips on what basement or attic lights to install isn’t easy and the type of lights or layout can depend solely on the layout or purpose of the room. As the concept isn’t one to easily gasp, this blog is a guide on basement lights and best practice in terms of placement, purpose and installation so you are aware of the best next steps to take when making an investment in lighting for your basement or attic.

Set The Mood

Basements and attics are regularly dark and dingy, which is due to most of them originally being for the purpose of storage. Homeowners regularly do keep them for storage, however, many do choose to convert them to functional living spaces, such as offices, bedrooms, an extra living room, and more. It is important to get the correct lighting for the purpose of the room.

Ambient lighting can improve visibility in any room, which includes a dark basement. This type of lighting, which is also commonly known as general lighting, gently illuminates the entire additional space in your home. Ambient lighting is a fantastic starting point for any lighting project. Think of ambient lighting as a soft, warm glow that is easy on the eyes and fantastic with supporting you to relax. For den lighting features on your basement or attic, ambient lighting is ideal.

Bright, more focused task lighting makes tasks such as reading, writing, drawing and studying much easier, making task lightening much more efficient in rooms more tailored for practical purposes alternatively to relaxation. Task lighting is also vital for environments such as basement workshops due to the lighting being more concentrated, which helps to keep you more focused, alert, and stimulated. For using basement space as a home office, task lighting is essential.

Another option is accent lighting, which is a great choice for if you wish to show off decoration or art in your basement or attic. Accent lights illuminate specific focal points in your home, which can be used to showcase attractive architectural elements, design, or to highlight a collection of artwork, certifications, trophies, photographs, and more.

Most basement lighting originates with ambient lighting, but you can also include task or accent lights in addition to create the right environment for room design and purpose.

Tips For Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Basement

When it comes to lighting your basement, which can occasionally lack natural lighting, there are many possibilities to consider, but which option is most suited? Below are tips on how to choose the right lighting options for you home:

  • Game rooms are common uses for converted basements. If your basement is used as a game room, why not hang pendant lights to illuminate game desks, or tables, such as pool tables? You’ll never have to worry about poor concentration or missing a shot with this lighting type.
  • Looking to transform your extra living space into somewhere comfortable to study?  Use warm ambient lighting to keep your mind calm, but also install track or pendant lights to create task lighting.
  • Renovated basements make great movie rooms, and a dimly lit room is a perfect option for movie night. Why not consider installing recessed can lights on the floor to lead the way back down or upstairs to not disrupt the feature presentation?

Electrical Services Bristol

Lighting features require the aid of a skilled professional for installation, so our number one tip is to seek help from an expert electrician for basement or attic lighting. PJ Bryer offer expert electrical services in Bristol from a skilled team of electricians with well-over substantial knowledge and skill in their field of work. Plumbing isn’t just PJ Bryer’s speciality, but we can also excel with electrical services. Call today to enquire. 

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