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September 18, 2018 8:34 am Bristol Central Heating Installation

central Heating Bristol – By PJ Bryer

PJ Bryer considers themselves among the best central heating companies in Bristol. Visit our page for more information about Central Heating Bristol. We have central heating Engineers throughout Bristol. Call today on 01454 314980

Central Heating Bristol

Central Heating Bristol

Most people find increasing the value in their property is by having an extension built, or having the kitchen refurbished. One of the best ways to add value to a house is to upgrade the central heating system. Having a warm house in the winter is something that you can’t be without. It gives you comfort, warmth as well as money savings as long as you’re using an efficient system. Most homes with central heating are operating at around 75% efficiency with their current central heating systems. This shows 25% of your heating is wasted! Overpaying for your heating that you aren’t benefitting from has to be one of the worst ways to spend money.

We want to reduce energy waste by providing a service where people are able to upgrade their central heating. This is why it’s important to uphold your central heating system and the main reason why a good central heating system is going to retain value in your property. Modern central heating systems have efficiency in mind when they’re designed & built. EU regulatory boards are quite strict on the energy expenditure for the domestic market, making sure that any products aren’t over wasteful. This is great news for the consumer as lower energy expenditure means cheaper bills.

What is central heating?

With central heating, the energy comes from a central point and then distributed around the house through pipes or another distribution method. Hence the name “central” heating. The approach differs when you consider other historic heating methods like a fireplace or even a space heater, as these aren’t distributing heat around the property, only to those in a close proximity to the heat source. A typical heating system is going to make from a boiler and expansive piping that is going to route itself around to radiators around the property which is going to warm the home up.

Throughout any old central heating system, there are many links that are liable for energy loss. People using older central heating systems will see much higher annual heating bills. This is going to cost the consumer a lot of money to run. If you know you’re going to be staying in a particular home, it’s worth looking into reducing your bills. This saves you money in the long run by using less energy with a newer system.

Central heating servicing?

Like a car, central heating systems need regular servicing. Particular components need observation to check general wear, ensuring proper function. New systems also need servicing after a while as they’ll need annual maintenance to keep efficient function. Central heating systems slow down over time, as pipes fill accumulate sediment & other solids from heating water. It is a good idea to book in an annual boiler service so you don’t have to worry about any damage or repair to your central heating system. Regular servicing means your system will be running for years without a problem. Any issues that may occur will be found out  & fixed before it becomes a problem.

With your system, you’ll want a trained engineer to either check or service your system. Even a simple service will bring up potential things you can do to make your system more efficient, so a regular service is somewhat essential if you want to make sure you are not losing money through your pipes in your house. We would recommend a consideration into a new system, as it’s going to be more user friendly to you, as the actual system is going to perform better over your old one, and it’s also going to cost you less to run, so really it’s a win-win situation as it’s going to cost you a lot more in the long term to keep your old system running and maintained.

Why PJ Bryer?

PJ Bryer has been a leading plumbing and heating supplier for decades. From central heating installation to repair, PJ Bryer has been able to provide a professional, affordable & reliable service to homes throughout Bristol. Whether it be in Bradley Stoke or Gloucester Road, our teams have helped thousands of households across Bristol. Finding a reliable plumber can be difficult because there are so many companies out there. Stick to the best when it comes to plumbing!

PJ Bryer considers themselves among the top central heating companies in Bristol. We have central heating Engineers throughout Bristol. Call today on 01454 314980


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