Could We Survive Without Hot Water?

Around the globe, many fortune people have access to clean hot water daily. Hot water has many benefits that cold water does not have. If the hot water in homes is also temperature controlled, it is also a lot safer and more beneficial. Hot water in homes that is sourced from heat such as hobs, can potentially be dangerously hot before it can be used. In homes, hot water is used for cleaning, cleaning clothes and dishes, drinking, and more, but the question is, would be able to survive with hot water in our homes.

The Answer

Realistically yes, we could survive without having hot water. In the early years of human existence, humans would not heat water to clean or drink. Although it may be frustrating to not have a hot shower or wash our hands in warmth, we could definitely survive without having a consistent flow of hot water. Humans do not also depend on drinking or bathing in hot water. 

Would Life Be More Difficult Without Access to Hot Water at Home?

Without a doubt! Hot water gives us many of lives simple pleasures such as baths, showers, clean clothes, clean dishes, and hot drinks, which many people rely on for energy when tired. Life would be significantly and noticeably more difficult without hot water, but it is isn’t something that we often think about. What is most important is access to direct hot water from taps. We may not use this for drinking, however, it is required for appliances such as dishwashers, taps, washing machines, and more. You could put up without a tea or coffee, but would definitely feel as if you were missing out if you didn’t have access to hot water for various washing and cleaning purposes.

Could I Live Producing My Own Hot Water At Home?

The answer to this question is yes, however, it really is not recommended. Producing your own hot water from cold hot water is extremely time-consuming and even potentially dangerous. If you were to be in contact with hot water that may have been left to heat for too long, you could easily be severely scalded, potentially even leading to a hospital trip or surgery. Producing hot water for washing yourself is also extremely time-consuming and risky. Without a consistent flow of hot water, showers and the use of appliances would not be possible. The only way that producing your own hot water is better is for making hot drinks.

What Is Best Practice?

If it hasn’t been made clear enough already, best practice is certainly to have a consistent flow of hot water in your home. A consistent flow of hot water allows you to run appliances and wash safely. Hot water that is controlled by appliances is also used so that nothing is damaged. For a safe and consistent flow of hot water, an efficient boiler and central heating system are required in your property. Believe us, without both, life would be much more difficult.

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