Combination boiler or combi boilers are the boiler of choice for on-demand heating and hot water. PJ Bryer specialise in the supply and installation of combi boilers in homes throughout Bristol and surrounding areas. Boilers can be a complicated piece of machinery to understand, especially when you’re having to install a new central heating system for your home. If you’re looking into a new boiler, it’s best to inquire the help of the professional boiler engineers at PJ Bryer.

The main feature that people gravitate towards when it comes to combi boilers is their ability to provide instant hot water without the use of large water cylinders. This makes combi boilers much easier to install as there are fewer components to fit.

This water is then filtered through the pipes and then fed into the taps of your home as well as your radiators which provides the internal water needed for central heating. When you turn on the tap, sensors in the combi boiler are triggered that send signals to the boiler that start heating the water inside of the combi-boiler.

Old combi boilers used to incredibly unreliable and unstable, as corners were cut during their original design. This describes models of combi-boilers that were on the market only thirty years ago, with Vaillant being the only manufacturer to have a combi boiler back then. Now with decades of progression with technological advances in climate control & energy efficiency, combi boilers are now better than they’ve ever been. They are incredibly reliable and energy efficient which is the reason why that combi boilers make up over 50% of all new boiler installations in the UK!

Combi boilers are also a lot smaller than your conventional boilers, which helps to save space in your home. Combi boilers are naturally efficient which means they don’t need a large water cylinder. This makes them ideal for smaller properties with a smaller loft that aren’t able to utilise conventional boiler/central heating systems. Combi boilers are a perfect heating solution for those that need to effectively heat up water as well as their home. In a nutshell, a combination boiler offers energy efficient heating and hot water from one compact unit. Installing a combi boiler eliminates the need for a separate hot water cylinder, meaning you’ll gain back some of that much-coveted extra space.

Not only will you save money on your hot water costs, but because it’s delivered to your taps and shower at the same rate as mains pressure, you will benefit from a powerful shower without needing a pump. Still not sure which boiler to choose? Contact PJ Bryer Heating & Plumbing Services based in Bristol and we’ll match a boiler to your requirements.

We are specialists with:

  • Vaillant combi boilers
  • Ideal combi boilers
  • Baxi combi boilers
  • Warm glow combi boilers
  • Megaflow combi boilers
  • Viessmann combi boilers