It’s Summer, time to service your Boiler? Advice from Bristol’s PJ Bryer

Boiler problems can be disastrous in the winter time, with heating and plumbing companies stretched and extremely busy due to the severity of boiler downtime in the winter season. Many people are not thinking about their boiler or central heating system in summer, the warm sun and pleasant evenings make many forget about the harsh winter that has just passed. But why is the summer the best time to think about & potentially service your boiler? There are many advantages to thinking about servicing or upgrading your boiler this summer and here at PJ Bryer Bristol, we are able to deliver outstanding service if you decide to take this advice.

Summer – Best Time To Service a Boiler?

Service Your Boiler in Summer BristolMany people forget to get boilers serviced until the winter months when it is the hardest time to have your boiler serviced at a convenient time. Engineers can be extremely busy during the winter months and many people do not have the time to wait for them to become available to do the servicing. In contrast, the summer months tend to be a time in which many people do not even think about their boiler or central heating system. Engineers are often less busy in the summer months making it extremely convenient to get your boiler serviced in the summer time.

If you need your boiler serviced or it is old and should be upgraded, it is extremely important to consider changing your boiler to an A grade boiler in the summer. By changing a 10-year old boiler for a new model, one can expect to reduce energy usage by a third, saving on average £300 on gas bills. In the winter it is often very inconvenient to carry out such a major job on your boiler, but in the summer it is often extremely convenient to carry out these contracts. The busiest time of the year for engineers is where the weather starts to get cold as boilers will automatically start up to combat the cold. Preventing breakdown with regular servicing is extremely intelligent as breakdowns in this period can be extremely costly to the customer. This is why if your boiler is due to be serviced or if you are thinking about upgrading to a newer model, it is extremely sensible to consider doing this through us in the coming months.

There are some very basic but effective methods to also ensure that your boiler does not have any issues in autumn. Turning your boiler on once a month especially if it is a gas boiler allows you to ensure that nothing builds up inside the boiler and causes issues when it turns back on. As mentioned, regular summer servicing is also extremely important in making sure your boiler is operational in the autumn. If there is an unknown issue with your boiler that you have not noticed during last winter, it can be easily identified and repaired at a very convenient time where the boiler is not so essential. Breakdown costs can be costly whereas servicing is often a much cheaper preventative precaution as it is better to be safe than sorry. Opening your radiator valves is also recommended as valves become stiff if not switched on for long amounts of time. To be 100% safe do not turn your radiators off for long amounts of time, make sure that they are turned on at the same time as your boiler to make sure that they do not become faulty in Autumn.

It is extremely important to be thoughtful and smart about your boiler, especially in summer. Summer is the best season to consider boiler upgrades and regular boiler maintenance. Times for engineers to come out and service are much more flexible and convenient for you the customer. You are inconvenienced less if your heating system is turned off in the Summer.

We definitely recommend that you regularly carry out a boiler service with us at PJ Bryer Bristol this summer to make sure that your boiler is “A okay” and operational before autumn returns once again. If you are considering a boiler upgrade then do not hesitate to contact us for plumbers Bristol as we offer a wide range of modern boilers and our friendly engineers are motivated to deliver you service when it is most convenient for you! Call today on Bristol 01454 314980

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