Do We Still Need Central Heating During The Summer?

Summer is finally here! The time of year preferred by many across the country, and definitely across the globe. Summer is the time to get out more to experience hotter weather, travel domestically or to other countries, attend festivals, events, visit new cities, go to beaches, have picnics, and much more! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer in many countries across the globe will be significantly different to previous years as many things remain closed and events have been cancelled, for example, the Euro 2020 football competition that was set to be staged across Europe. Although many things are cancelled or unopen, in many countries we will still be able to enjoy the hotter weather and travel to traditional places such as the beach or parks. 


When summer comes around, it raises a lot of fo questions. These being regarding travelling, who to visit, what to eat, and very importantly this year, money. COVID-19 has left many unemployed or on a reduced wage, meaning they may not have as much money as usual to spend this summer. After spending months inside, it is tempting to spend money on enjoying yourself, however, you still need to consider the important things such as maintaining your household. 


One of the most common components of your home that can fail is your central heating system. During the summer, many people tend to shy away from maintaining, repairing or replacing their central heating systems due to the hotter weather. This is also usually due to the cost. The main question is, do we actually need central heating during winter? The clear answer to this question is yes. In this blog, the reasoning for needing a central heating system is listed. 

It Gets Cold at Night

If you’re a resident of the UK, you’ll know that we’re extremely lucky if we have a summer that consistently stays sunny. In the UK, rain is common during the summer and nights can still be cold. During hot summers with good insulation, you’ll likely survive okay without efficient central heating, however, on average summers, no central heating will be an extreme struggle. Most summer nights in the UK are cold, and the average low temperature at night in the UK is 12 degrees celsius. Without good insulation, this is very cold and could even potentially be dangerous. If your home is significantly cold during the summer, this is a sign of failed central heating. Below are other signs that your central heating has failed:

  • Leaks 
  • Noises coming from the central heating
  • Cold radiators
  • No sound at all

Winter Will Come Quicker Than You Think

In an instance where the UK has a hot summer, then nights can be warm and it may be difficult to tell if your central heating system is faulty or not. Some of the signs listed above do not always occur, and if your house feels warm, you might not give the condition of your central heating system a second guess. It may only be when the autumn or winter comes that you’ll start to notice your central heating is faulty. For this reason, it is important that you test your central heating regularly during the winter.  One of the last things that you want to experience is cold nights while you wait for your central heating system to be maintained in freezing cold weather. 

The same applies to those who avoid replacing or maintaining their central heating system due to the hot weather. When the winter comes, you will quickly notice the temperature of your household dropping and have to experience freezing night times. During the winter, many heating and plumbing companies also are much busier, meaning you may have to wait longer for your central heating system to be maintained. This can lead to loss of sleep, which is highly unhealthy. 

The Longer It’s Left, The Worse The Problem

By leaving your central heating faulty, it can make the problem much worse or even cause the system to fail. In the instance that it is a hot summer and you’ve ignored the issue of the faulty system, then it may fail before the winter, causing your home to be freezing and extremely uncomfortable. Failures are extremely problematic and can be highly labour intensive and costly. This is why it is important to address any issues that your spot with your boiler when they are first found. Failing to do so could lead to disastrous circumstances.

Not only is it costly and problematic to leave a faulty central heating system to break, but it can also be highly dangerous and cause illness. Although it is entirely understandable that replacing central heating systems is costly, it is essential that the system is working to keep yourself and others in your home safe. Many heating contractors will allow financing options to allow you to afford the service to take place. Due to the cost of replacing the system, it’s highly unlikely that companies will charge in full immediately for the service. 

Heating Engineer Bristol

It’s likely that if you have spotted faults with your air conditioning system, it may not actually be the entire system. It’s likely that is could just be faults with your boiler, radiators, or other individual components. If this is the case, then the issue can be resolved much faster and at a lower cost. Even if it is just a minor component, the issue still would require to be resolved immediately as can be just as problematic as a faulty or failed central heating. For this reason, it is crucial to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. 

If you are experiencing issues with your heating systems, then get in touch with heating specialist PJ Bryer for a heating engineer in Bristol. PJ Bryer are reputable in Bristol for their expert plumbing and heating services, additionally to other services such as bathroom installation.

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