Ten Things To Consider For Your New Bathroom By PJ Bryer Bristol

The bathroom is one of the most important parts in every home. It is the ideal place for you to have your solitude and peace, but also to rid yourself of all the grime (and all bacteria and airborne viruses) you’ve acquired out there in the city. It also offers a unique, personal retreat for most of us after a long and tiring day. At PJ Bryer we design and intsall the perfect new bathroom in Bristol homes, to meet your personal requirements. As such, every homeowner wants to decorate the area tastefully for the purpose of making it comfortable and luxurious.

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Bathroom BristolIf you are setting up a new bathroom, there are several things you should consider. These include, but are not limited to the following.

  1. New Bathroom – Shower

Thanks to advances over the years, there are endless possibilities today when it comes to your showering experience. Most homeowners go for standard showerheads, but these are just the starting point. You can find steam showers, body sprays, handhelds and rain heads among others. Some options also come with massaging jets.

Note that these items will dictate the overall cost of your installation project as you will end up spending a little more on rough and trim plumbing, and fixtures. And while at it, make sure to set up these elements in the right location. If, for instance, you’re tall, you should consider placing the showerhead up higher. Remember to put controls where they can be reached without one having to get into the shower.

  1. New Bathroom – Walls & flooring

Literally any material can be employed on a bathroom’s surface walls and floors provided it meets the basic criteria, which is that it must be waterproof whether naturally or by application of an impervious finish. Ceramic, granite or marble tiles make perfect and durable flooring as well as wall surfaces. For flooring, you can also choose from painted or stained cement, sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles, which are not only inexpensive but also give the bath a unique look. Your choice here will depend on your budget, needs and style, but you should also consider durability and slip-resistance especially when shopping for flooring.

  1. New Bathroom – Mirrors

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, most people turn to the standard mirrored medicine cabinet because of its simple and multifunctional design. However, there are more choices in the market to consider especially if you prefer a less conventional look. Lighted bathroom mirrors fit in seamlessly with a new contemporary bathroom that can do with some extra illumination. You can also find frameless mirrors which come with a buffed edge and appear to float. Other options include venetian mirrors, framed mirrors, vanity mirrors and captain’s mirrors. These allow you to have a customised bathroom design, that looks great, but is also practical.

  1. New Bathroom – Toilet

Good bathroom designs depend heavily on the toilet and other fixtures in perfect positions around the bathroom. Often doors get left open, which means that you, your family or guests walking by are likely to see the toilet. We all agree that this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing item to look at. In short, it should not be the focal point. When it comes to choosing the right toilet, consider factors such as function, size, style, fit and height.

  1. New Bathroom – Window treatments

Window treatments are some of the most important things you should consider for your new bathroom. While there’s no standard, the coverings you buy should provide both light and privacy. Wooden blinds and shutters are common in homes and easily go with different decors, are easy to clean, and allow natural light in while obscuring the view. You can also consider window films which are relatively inexpensive and are available in a wide variety of creative choices.

  1. New Bathroom – Ventilation

Ventilation is absolutely important in the bathroom. Continual airflow helps combat the moisture in the area and in turn avoid mold and bacteria growth (this ensures that the bathroom users are healthy and disease-free). It also prevents the decay of wooden trims and fixtures as well as the saturation of insulation. When it comes to ventilation in these rooms, many people go for exhaust fans. They offer the best defense against moisture and bad aromas. However, remember to choose the right size, and install it properly and in the ideal location, typically adjacent to the shower and within any enclosed toilet stalls. To ensure maximum ventilation, you could leave the bathroom doors undercut, although this is not a popular design choice in the UK.

  1. New Bathroom – Lighting

When it comes to lighting in homes, bathrooms are often the least considered among all the rooms. This however, is sure to change as the bathroom increasingly becomes the perfect sanctuary to let go of the pressures of the day and recharge you batteries. Lighting is no longer a luxury and thankfully, you can try out different bathroom lighting to see what works for your design. Consider using halogen pot lights along with wall sconces either beside or over the mirrors. Remember to install dimmers too. In general, a good lighting plan for a bath comprises of a series of layers with ample light placed where it’s needed for shaving, putting on make-up and so on.

  1. New Bathroom – Vanity

Should you include vanities in your bathroom design? Vanities are a great addition to a contemporary bathroom and can give it the special element it lacks. In addition, they are a good way to show your guests that the actual appearance of the area matters to you. Be sure to make the right choice though. A big one will mess up the traffic routes through the bathroom while a very small one could mean scrambling for countertop space and storage. Material also matters here as the wrong one could mean maintenance problems.

  1. New Bathroom – Storage Solutions

Organisation is important in your new bathroom. You should do your best to always keep it clean and tidy. Thankfully, there are several storage solutions for different bathroom designs and individuals needs. For very small spaces, some bit of creativity might be needed. You can also try to group items with related purposes in baskets. For example, have your nail file and nail clippers in a grooming basket. Place the items you use on a daily basis (such as toothbrush, toothpaste and hair products) on easily accessible shelves for convenience.

  1. New Bathroom – Grab bars

Although typically associated with hospital bathrooms, grab bars can be very useful safety elements for the bathroom in our homes and not just an afterthought that gives the room an institutional aesthetic. They come in handy when someone wants to raise themselves from the shower bench or the rub. Make sure that the grab bars are firmly anchored into strong materials so that they serve the purpose for years.

PJ Bryer are considered one of the best bathroom design companies in Bristol. We can design and install bathrooms, wet rooms and all associated bathroom furniture. regardless of teh size of your bathroom space or your budget – PJ Bryer can design and install the perfect bathroom for you and your family. Call today on 01454 314 980

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