Here at P.J. Bryer, we offer emergency plumber callouts. Our plumbers have years of experience. Helping to ensure that the toilets in your home are always functioning correctly. We also offer 24-hour call outs to ensure that we can always be there to resolve your plumbing issues.

Here are the top ways to prevent your toilet from clogging, discussed by our professionals here at P.J. Bryer.

The Plunger

The plunger is a piece of plumbing equipment that should be in everyone’s home. A plunger can be used to resolve any small blockages within your toilet. Helping to ensure that your toilet is flushing correctly and there is not a buildup of waste lurking just around the corner. If you don’t have a plunger, you should definitely consider purchasing one. It may prevent a very messy blockage.


Consider What You Are Flushing Down The Toilet

One of the most common reasons for a toilet to become clogged is when someone flushes a non-flushable material down the toilet. Everyone in your home must be fully informed about what to flush and not flush down the toilet. Especially young children. This will help to reduce the change of the toilet becoming clogged. A good rule to go on is toilet paper, nothing else.

Toilet handle

Consider How Much You Are Flushing Down The Toilet

Toilet paper and sewage should be the only items that go down your toilet. If you are flushing too much toilet paper at one time it may also cause a blockage. We can’t tell you the exact amount of toilet roll you are able to flush. Flushing frequently will help to prevent the toilet from becoming clogged. A good rule to go on is, don’t let the toilet paper pile up and then your toilet will be able to flush.

Toilet flushing

Have You Got a Flush Cleaner?

A flush cleaner is a very useful piece of equipment that should be used in every toilet in the home. The flush cleaner is clipped onto the toilet and helps to keep the toilet smelling fresh. Having a flush cleaner helps to prevent the toilet from clogging as it cleans the toilet fully after each flush preventing the build up of unwanted waste.

Flush cleaner

Do You Clean The Toilet Regularly?

Cleaning the toilet regularly helps to keep up your toilet hygiene but also helps to spot any issues beginning to occur. Cleaning the toilet regularly helps to free any waste that may be stuck within your toilet. This prevents any clogging from beginning to occur. When cleaning your toilet ensure that you flush the toilet and check to see if the water is flowing throughout your toilet correctly. If the toilet is not flushing correctly it may lead to clogging in the future. Spotting any issues early helps to resolve the issue before it leads to a large scale blockage.

clean bathroom

Double Down To Help Flush It Down

The toilet flush is only able to handle a certain amount of waste. We have all put too much tissue paper in the toilet at one time before. It’s an easy mistake to make, this can be sorted easily by just flushing the toilet twice in a row. This doubles the flushing pressure helping to ensure that all the flushable waste is pushed through the system correctly. This will help to prevent the toilet clogging and keep your toilet functioning correctly.

Flush button

Here at P.J. Bryer, we have provided a range of ways to help prevent the toilet from clogging. If you have any toilet blockages or other plumbing issues call one of our friendly and experienced team members.

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