Will Gas Boilers Be Phased Out?

In this day and age, how we treat the environment is of vital importance and it is something we should always consider during our day to day lives. As the human population has grown, our habits have taken their toll on the environment and scientific research has proven that if some of our habits continue, the future of our planet could be at risk. Our habits such as littering, using greenhouse gases, using wood, and more, are proven to be leading to deforestation, pollution, and climate change, which all are threatening to quality of human, plant, and animal life. Due to this, we must change our habits to be more sustainable and have little or no negative effect on the environment. 

With the risk of climate change, pollution, deforestation, and other environment affecting occurrences, there are many developing solutions that are becoming far more common. These include using renewable energy or electricity alternatively to fossil fuels, replanting trees for the trees that have been cut down, recycling products, and much more. Local and national governments also have implemented climate laws and restrictions to reduce the general population’s negative effect on the environment. These laws include zero-emission zones in specific areas of cities, incentives to recycle, fines for littering, and more. Governments also have various climate goals, including the UK governments goal to eliminate all petrol and diesel vehicles from roads by the year 2050.

Rise of Renewable Energy in Business

Inevitably, a global requirement for sustainable products and processes will cause a surge of new businesses. Alternatively, companies who’s services or products may have a negative impact on the environment are switching to sustainable products. An example of this is car and motor vehicle manufacturers across the globe also providing electronic options, which help to reduce the release of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. One of the first motor vehicle companies to provide more sustainable options was Toyota, with their Prius model. The Toyota Prius runs exclusively off both petrol and electricity, switching between both sources of power. These types of vehicles are called hybrids. 

For many, the environment is a concern and people may turn to more sustainable alternative companies to feel better about their impact on the environment. Pretty much everyone and all business however do need to consider the environment. Almost all businesses products or services will have a negative impact on the environment. An example of this is packaging being non-recyclable or fossil fuels being released in the transportation process, for this, businesses may need to switch their packaging to recyclable materials and their fleet of vehicles to low or no emission vehicles. If we were to continue life before the discovery of our harm on the planet, climate change could accelerate and all aspects of human life could be under serious threat. 

Changes For Heating Companies

As previously mentioned, all businesses will need to consider their impact on the environment. Heating companies across the globe have used gas boilers for domestic and commercial properties for many years. Gas boilers have proven to be effective, however, they have also proven to have a significantly negative impact on the environment. For now, they are still legal, but will eventually be illegal to install to homes in 2025. Following 2025, they still will remain legal to have already installed in a home, but not to have newly installed. Like with cars, gas boilers are projected and the goal is for them to be completely phased out in the United Kingdom by the year 2050. 

Eventually, gas boilers will no longer be used due to their effect on the environment, however, this does not mean there are no other options. Besides gas boilers, there are two primary types of boilers that can be installed in your home. These are combi boilers and system boilers, which are much more energy-efficient than conventional gas boilers. Each of these boilers has the same function, however, the function for each boiler is carried out in a different way. Usability and quality of conventional gas boilers are not why they will eventually be phased out in the near future.

Marketing For Renewable Energy Companies

As previously mentioned, climate change is a priority concern for many people, therefore, renewable energy companies will take full advantage of this to sell there renewable energy heating products. Besides this, renewable energy companies will also market that gas boilers will be phased out soon or can no longer be installed, which is far from the truth. When being marketed to by renewable energy heating companies, it is important to enquire with a heating engineering company for the truth to prevent you from paying for something that is not required or avoiding paying for something that may be required. Faulty boilers can be dangerous, so do not avoid paying for repairs due to being marketed.

Boiler Installation Bristol

It’s likely that if you have spotted faults in your home with your boilers, it probably needs repair or replacement, no matter the type. It’s highly likely that is could just be minor faults with your boiler, however, the problem could get worse. If this is the case, then the issue can be resolved by a boiler installation company legally, with strict safety measures put in place. With gas boilers still available, heating companies can still install and repair these

If you are experiencing issues with your boiler, then it is best practice get in touch with heating specialist PJ Bryer for boiler repairs and boiler installation in Bristol. PJ Bryer are highly reputable in Bristol and across the South West region for their expert plumbing and heating services, additionally to other specialist services such as bathroom installation.

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